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1 year blogiversary: what I've learned from blogging

1 year blogiversary: what I've learned from blogging


H E L L O everyone! It's crazy how time flies and that it's been ONE YEAR since I started THE BLONDE TRIP! It's been a fun, crazy, surprising, wild year full of learning and I can't thank my community and followers enough for supporting me through this blogging experience! I thought I'd take a minute and share what I've learned in this first year of blogging since I've experienced so much growth! Let me know your thoughts below :)


Here are a few things I've learned from my FIRST YEAR OF BLOGGING:

1. Enjoy the ride! I would've never dreamed that I would meet, experience and learn so many things in one year from blogging alone but the first year is SO critical! I've met so many other amazing bloggers & brands that I would've never met otherwise. I love feeling a part of a community and sharing tips & ideas with others. There's aways something happening and I love staying active in my community!



2. It's OK to say NO! At first I thought it was important to say YES to everything & everyone because I thought the nicer I was, and the more products I got, the better my blog would look and therefore I would gain a larger audience....And to be completely frank NO ONE wants to follow and get advice from someone who likes and promotes everything. You lose credibility as a blogger and your followers trust, so this is one of the biggest points for me in learning...it's ok to say NO! You can't please everyone.



3. Blogging is harder than it looks! You have to be on your game at all times, remembering deadlines, shoot schedules, keeping up with e-mails, staying organized, etc. You won't get anywhere sitting on your butt, you have to be proactive and constantly be reaching out and responding to people. From the outside it may look fun & easy but in reality there's so much more involved and you have to work hard for EVERY collaboration you receive. Don't get me wrong it's FUN and very fulfilling but it definitely takes a certain personality to keep up with everything!



4. Involve yourself in the community! One of the important factors in growing and gaining a following is getting involved in your community, whether that's your town or a specific blogging group. The more you network and reach out, the more you know and gain from it. It wasn't until I started reaching out to bloggers and companies in my area that I felt truly a part of Dallas and felt like my blog was important & actually useful to others. It also helps to follow other accounts on Instagram (that are like your own) and build your own little community. I love being able to support and share with other bloggers who have similar interests! (Another key way to grow is GIVEAWAYS whether it's a small gift card or a major vacation, people love winning things...who doesn't?!)



5. Be ORIGINAL! I can't tell you how many bloggers Instagram accounts I've come across who's content, feed, blog posts, and IG stories stand out because of how unique and different they are! And that's what people searching the web are looking for, so try to STAND OUT! Bloggers are popping up left and right and sometimes it can get so repetitive, so I think it's SO important to make yourself known for who you are and what you bring to the table, rather than just being like everyone else. Don't be afraid to be yourself!


Once again thank you so much for supporting me and my journey on THE BLONDE TRIP... I can't wait to see what this year holds!

-XO Audrey
Photography: Carolina Goodwin @carolina.goodwin


  • Dress: Buddy Love

  • Shoes: Forever 21

  • Hat: Forever 21

  • Watch: Daniel Wellington

  • Sunglasses: Vonzipper

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