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six flags birthday

six flags birthday

For my boyfriend Derek's birthday we planned for a fun, adventurous day at Six Flags Over Texas! He's never been before so I was excited to take him on all the new rides. We also went with our friends Denise and Jaeger who have season passes so they were nice enough to hook us up with some free tickets! We attempted to get an early start and arrived at around 11am (we tried!!) to beat some of the crowds and started towards "The Riddler's Revenge" a ride that I've never been on before. On this ride you're strapped to a circular machine that rocks back and forth going higher and higher. By the time you get to the top you're basically upside down and coming straight down. This was surprisingly one of the my favorite rides of the day and I wasn't expecting it at all. I highly suggest trying this one out!

The next ride we went on was "The Joker" pictured below. For this ride you're strapped to your seat and while the ride is going through loops and your seat is flying upside down with the person next to you, talk about dizzy! This one was short but fun because you're constantly up and down with no breaks.

The next ride we waited for was "Mr. Freeze" which is one of my favorite rides at six flags! You start facing backwards and unexpectedly the roller coaster accelerates from 0–70 mph in 3.8 seconds. The ride starts out going backwards which is what makes this ride so fun. Then when it gets to the highest point it goes speeding forward to the start of the ride. This one is exciting because of the speed and the reverse direction.

After this ride we went on the "Shock Wave" not pictured but was also really fun! It does a bunch of loops and is similar to most of the roller coasters that you've typically been on. There's nothing that really stands out about it, it's just a fun loopy-loop roller coaster ride!


We passed by a Dippin' Dots and had to stop...it has to be everyone's childhood favorite right?! I got the Cookies and Cream and Derek got the Rainbow flavor. As you can see from the picture Derek really enjoyed his Dippin' Dots....


Denise and I enjoying our Dippin' Dots...she got the Banana Split flavor. It was nice to sit down and take a break from all the walking. Make sure you come prepared with comfortable shoes!

This water ride is called "El Aserradero" and is a very laid back, slower water ride. Beware - if you sit in the front you are definitely going to get soaked. This one would be ideal for families with children. We liked this one because it was a nice break from the fast rides. Also, it was about 90 degrees that day so the cool mist from the water felt amazing.

Funnel Cake is one of my favorite carnival & fair treats so when we saw a sign for Funnel Cakes I had to get some! 

We ended our day with a roller coaster ride called "The Titan" which is one of my favorites at Six Flags! This ride goes extremely fast and has one of the highest drops at the park. It stands at 245 feet and contains a 255 drop. Talk about scary! Be wary this one is so fast with twist and turns to the point that you start to black out a little bit. Definitely not meant for the faint of heart. 

We didn't have a chance to ride "Batman" or "Superman" because the wait was literally an hour and half for both but I highly recommend riding those if you've never been to Six Flags. We had such a fun day at Six Flags but I highly recommend going during the week or later in the day to beat the crowds!

it's always sunny in dallas

it's always sunny in dallas

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