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6 pool day essentials

6 pool day essentials

Spring is here, the weather is warming up and summer couldn't come soon enough! As I was heading to the pool today, I thought it'd be helpful to give you guys some great poolside tips & essentials, ranging from great products that I've used, to new ones that I'm dying to share!

1. Beachbum SPF 30 sunscreen 

The great thing about this sunscreen is first off it smells great and second it's so much easier & quicker to apply with spray sunscreen rather than lotion. This is my go to sunscreen because it's water resistant and doesn't come off easily unlike some other brands. 

2. Beachbum SPF 30 lip balm 'keylime'

These lip balms come in a variety of different scents and flavors and the best part is they have SPF in them! It doesn't go on thick like other chapsticks and the fruity flavors smell delicious. I'd have to say the coconut one is my fav!

3. Telula 'melon mint' juice

I've tried about five of Telula's juice flavors and they literally all taste amazing. I don't know if I could choose a favorite. The best part is all the juices are pure, organic, not-from-concentrate fruits and vegetables. They're cold-pressed and free of GMOs, toxic pesticides, additives, preservatives and added sugar. Unlike other juices, these taste delicious and they're perfect for a refreshing drink at the pool!

4. Dotdash 'Headspace' sunglasses

These Dotdash sunglasses from Vonzipper are fashionable and easy to wear for the pool, beach, or out and about. They're really comfortable to wear and durable so they don't break easily. I don't know about you but most of my sunglasses have been smashed or dropped and always end up breaking! 

5. Billabong striped hat

This adorable straw hat is trendy and perfect for keeping the sun out of your face! It's big enough to shade you but not too bulky like some other hats that get in the way. It's easy to wear for the pool and protects your face from those UV rays, what's not to love? 

 6. Billabong sunny beach towel

This round towel with tassels is perfect for the pool or beach. My favorite parts are the cute design and soft material because it makes it so comfortable to lay down and dry off. It fits one person comfortably but it would also be great to use for a picnic or outdoor event.

midtown & the met

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new york, new york!

new york, new york!

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