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7 fall skin essentials i'm lovin'

7 fall skin essentials i'm lovin'

I wanted to share some beauty and skin products that I've been using lately & loving! I really have to amp up my beauty routine come Fall/Winter time because my skin and the changing weather DO NOT get along...in saying that, having very dry skin means I need very moisturizing products that soak in deep into my skin. Check out some of my fall favorites!

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1. Brevena Restore & Hydrate Overnight Cream:

This night cream restores and maintains your skin's moisture and is made for ALL skin types, which is one of the reasons I love it! It has a Macro B complex which helps restore, revitalize and soften your skin overnight while you sleep. My skin looks and feels amazing when I wake up! 

2. Brevena Daily Hydration Moisturizer: 

This day cream nourishes and hydrates my skin ALL day. It also has a Macro B complex that helps to hydrate, rejuvenate and protect your skin all day. This moisturizer makes my skin SO smooth and soft, and gives it a nice glow.

3. OSEA Malibu white algae mask:

This is one of my favorite products from OSEA. This age-defying, brightening mask is perfect for my dry skin. Once I clean my skin, apply and wipe it off my skin feels so smooth and soft. My favorite part is all OSEA Malibu products are vegan, cruelty-free, and plant based.

4. Basd invigorating mint body wash:

This body wash is made with some amazing ingredients. Organic aloe to moisturize and tone your skin. Organic green tea to nourish and calm you. Lastly, peppermint oil to invigorate your senses and stimulate your mind.  My favorite part is the minty smell! All Basd products are plant based, all organic, non-gmo, paraben free, and cruelty-free.

5. Lush "Once upon a time" body lotion: 

Lush is one of my all time favorite skin care brands because all products are vegan, self-preserving and they don't test on animals. They have so many great products but one of my favorites is this body lotion that smells truly amazing! It has a slight fruity smell and moisturizes my driest spots. Love using this right after I get out of the shower. 

6. Ursa Major fortifying Face Balm:

Ursa is a brand that I've just started using and I love it! This face balm works is great for smoothing my skin right after I wash my face. I use this and then a moisturizer on top. This balm contains aloe, carrot, kendi & myrtle and is packed with natural actives to calm, hydrate and nourish your skin. It doesn't clog my pores and keeps my skin clear, firm and smooth. This company uses all natural ingredients, sulfate-free, paraben-free, and has no harmful chemicals.

7. Ursa Major Face Wipes:

These face wipes come in little single packages, making it so handy to travel and take with me on the go. These wipes are great for cleaning, exfoliating and removing makeup or grime from your skin. I use these before I go to yoga and right after if needed. They're perfect for oily or grimy skin and it soothes and hydrates after use. My skin feels clean and smooth after using it!

a touch of velvet

a touch of velvet

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create & cultivate: houston

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